Kwankwanso laughs off Ganduje’s claim on visit to Kano

Senator Rabiu Kwankwanso has laughed off the challenge from Governor Abdullahi Ganduje to enter Kano, describing his successor and one time protégée as a political spoiler hanging on to President Muhammadu Buhari for political survival. Kwankwanso spoke in response to recent claims by Ganduje that the senator was afraid to enter Kano. Speaking through his spokesman, Comrade Aminu Abdulsalam, Kwankwanso said “Senator Kwankwaso’s visit to Kano is Ganduje’s nightmare that he is living with.” Saying that there is no basis for comparing the two men, Abdulsalam said: “He is laughable. Is he blabbing or bragging? I can’t see Governor Ganduje challenging Senator Kwankwaso in any duel at any point in time politically speaking. They are not on the same wavelength or status as Senator Kwankwaso is a political giant while Governor Ganduje is a dwarf politically and intellectually speaking. There is no basis for comparison as I cannot see a dwarf challenging a giant.“ The spokesman further declared that Kano is home of Senator Kwankwaso and nobody has the right to stop him from entering Kano insisting that he will enter Kano on a grand scale when the time is ripe as the people of the state are eager to receive him. “Nobody can stop Senator Kwankwaso from entering Kano.
When I say nobody I am not referring to Governor Ganduje but his masters at the national level” he declared. He accused Gov Ganduje of clinging on President Buhari to win election and not because he is popular on his own. He also accused the Governor of being on a mission to distract Senator Kwankwaso from a national mission of salvaging Nigeria. “To the best of my understanding, Gov Ganduje is on a hacking mission to distract Senator Kwankwaso and he is a rented spoiler. His job is to distract Kwankwaso’s attention from his larger vision and mission of national salvation” he stated.

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