man boobs’ finally plans life-changing surgery to remove C-cup breasts

Wayne Manns, 30, was 15 when he was diagnosed with gynecomastia and has grown so self-conscious of his breast tissue, he straps them down each day with duct tapeA dad who suffered a lifetime of bullying for his ‘man boobs’ is finally planning to undergo life-changing surgery to remove the C-cup breasts.
Wayne Manns, 30, was 15 when he was diagnosed with gynecomastia – or man boobs – and has grown so self-conscious of his breast tissue, he straps them down each day with duct tape.
The condition causes a man’s breast tissue to swell due to a hormone imbalance.
As a teenager the dad-of-two was taunted by high school bullies who called him ‘hermaphrodite’ and banished him from the boys’ locker room.
Wayne, of Detroit, Michigan, even quit his beloved football team because he was anxious about his chest and dropped out of school aged 16 to avoid his tormentors.xx
And despite being in a long-term relationship with Jasmine Jackson, 29, he refuses to take his shirt off in front of her – not even during sex.
Wayne said his chest has caused him anxiety and depression and he could never afford corrective surgery, which costs up to $7,500. (£5,800)
But after coping with the condition since 2003, Wayne will finally underg
breast reduction surgery in the fall thanks to a new insurance policy.
The brave dad said: “When I was 14 or 15 I started developing female breasts.
“I couldn’t go swimming, I was afraid to change at gym or take a shower.
“High school was so stressful. I just didn’t want to be there.
“I quit the football team because I was so self conscious.
“It was so embarrassing, you could see them through my uniform shirt.
“I was teased so much. I quit in the tenth grade.
“The bullying had gotten so bad. They called me a hermaphrodite and a shemale and would tell me I had to use the female changing room
The former laborer, who estimates that his breasts are a size C, dated casually but avoided relationships until 2007 when he met his partner Jasmine, a cashier.
But despite being together for around 11 years he avoids taking his shirt in front of her and says the condition has taken a toll on his love life.
Wayne, who walks with a limp after he was injured in a shooting in 2016, said: “It makes me feel like less of a man.
‘I feel like no woman wants to be with a man with a chest bigger than hers.
“I don’t let her in when I’m taking a shower and when we’re intimate I make sure the lights are on and my shirt never comes off.
“I have a lot of tricks.x.jpg
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“My girlfriend is happy I’m getting this surgery for myself. She knows it will improve my confidence.
“I was dumped a couple of times because of this.”
Wayne has never visited the pool or the beach with his kids Wayne Manns Jr, six, and Maya Felix, six, because he is terrified of strangers staring at him and making cruel comments.
Wayne said: “I have never been to the beach or the pool with my kids because I feared going.
“I don’t want them to see me or be confused. I don’t want them to think I’m a freak.
“I get so paranoid when I’m out, I know people are staring at them. People are looking at me. his son Wayne Jr (Image: Wayne Manns / SWNS)
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“The worst thing I’ve been called is ‘Shemale’ or ‘Titty Boy’. It hurts.”
Wayne said he is looking forward to finally being able to take off his shirt in public and travel to places he has avoided because of his breasts.
Wayne said: “This condition has impacted my life mentally and physically and the reason I’m coming forward about it is because it affects so many men and they’re too embarrassed to talk about it.
“I’ve put off travelling so much. I would love to go to Miami and Mexico when this is over.
“It would be nice to take off my shirt during sex and not worry about i”When I have this surgery I will be so happy to take my shirt off. I will finally be able to feel like a man.”

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