Hope for the street child’ project unveiled


The United Nations-backed project, ‘Hope for the Street Child’, was formally unveiled at the weekend in Lagos at the inaugural meeting of the board of Children Palm City Foundation Inc., a non-governmental organization (NGO). At the event, the foundation’s chairperson, Dr. Adefunke Wellington, said the project, which seeks to remove every child from the street in Nigeria, build a city to educate, accommodate, employ and feed the children. The foundation promoter stressed that Nigeria is the pilot scheme for the project, adding that it will spread across Africa. Children Palm City will be sited in Osun State. “The menaces caused by street children cannot be overemphasized, and the neglect on them poses a threat to the society. They end up getting involved in criminal activities like war-mongering, sex trade, child slavery, terrorism and robbery”, Wellington said.. “Children are the future of every country; we must show them love and they will become better persons in the society tomorrow”.

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