Webercoin targets $1.1bn investment

Webercoin, digital platform designed purely for business owners, marketers and advertisers to efficiently market their products, goods and services via blockchain is targeting 1.1billion Dollar investment in year 2020. Speaking during a press conference to announce the on-going Webercoin Initiative Coin Offering (ICO) in Lagos, Chief Executive Officer/Project Lead, Webercoin Sheneni Tukura, said that the platform creates an avenue for all advertisers and regular users on the platform to be rewarded for posting contents, commenting or contributing. According to him, “We have 100 million tokens supply of Webercoin to reward users with. What we are doing now is that we are adding value to Webercoin. So, when we give you Webercoin as a reward, you will know the value. We are currently selling a Webercoin at $0.5. When this amount gets into customers’ pockets, it will be more than 0.5 dollars, the equivalent will be given to customers in whatever currency they want. Tukura said, “We project 1.1billion dollar worth of investment by year 2020 and that is based on what we have seen from different ecosystems. Since the ICO opened three weeks ago, we have sold over 300 thousand tokens already”. He further said that the firm developed a system where the community also has a voice and a say in what happens and not what is prevalent in various social media platforms where the platform owners make all the money and nothing comes to the platform users. “In our platform, we are creating a community that votes for what should be allowed and what shouldn’t be allowed. It is a social market place and we want people to define it as their own community. That is why we are not talking about how much we will get from the ICO but we are talking about the users’ slice of the cake and their investment in the future”. He explained that Webercoin uses crypto currency, which can be used in any part of the world, adding that with crypto currency, the firm is able to give anyone in the world equal opportunities. In addition, Lead, Market and Media, Webercoin, Susan Onigbinde, said that Webercoin is a token that is going to run a platform that we are currently building, called Weberhub platform and is going to make advertising easier for businesses. Presently Webberhub advertising rate is very low for small businesses and the technology will be easier for people to meet the communities around them, so that small business owners can easily reach their customers and neighbourhood using this platform. It will also help them reach customer better and cheaper. Onigbinde said that the platform is simple for small business to use, saying further that everybody knows that advertising and marketing is the lifeline of business and that is why a lot of the existing social media platform use it for advertising. “So, Weberhub platform is affordable and can be used to reach those around you who don’t know you are around them”.

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