Over 200 children in Imo communities, saved from malaria

Over 200 children in Imo communities have been saved from malaria among other environmental diseases. Treatment was administered to these children during their camping in Azione Verde University, in Amaigbo community, Nwangele Local Government Area of the state, founded by a Catholic priest, Reverend Father Boniface Duru of the Orlu Catholic Diocese in the state. He said that malaria, typhoid and bronchial illnesses were most prevalent among the children. Father Boniface told South-East Voice that among the aged women and men, hypertension and diabetes have become a major challenge. The Catholic priest was of the opinion that the tension in the country has become a major cause of the increasing health issues, especially among the aged. He was not happy that the road leading to the institution was in a bad shape. Father Boniface added that he had reported this to the authorities and that he was still waiting for the government to respond. Speaking with South-East Voice on the medical outreach, the clergyman said: “Hypertension and diabetes are taking the place of malaria. Before, we used to think that malaria is the major problem in Nigeria and Africa at large. This time around, we have more diabetic and hypertensive patients. “These are elementary sicknesses and environmental diseases. I told the government years ago that the tension in the country is very high and criminal activities and bad governance have also increased agitation in the people. These affect their daily life. “The situation is complicated by bad business environment. We also have patients with stroke and stroke is related to high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases.” On the health condition of children, he said: “In the children, some of the things you see are malaria, bronchial illnesses caused by polluted air,” adding that, “sometimes they sleep in a humid environment. “As you see now, we have 200 children here; we treat them for malaria, typhoid and related environmental diseases. “The children are in camp and normally, our camping lasts for eight days. They eat, drink and do a lot here so as to improve in so many areas including education.” He further said: “The white people you see here take care of the children. The children also will enjoy our scholarship. “I am really worried that the road leading to this place where people come to take free medical service is in a very bad shape. “I have begged the governor of the state and other functionaries to please help us with the road. We have an alternative road but it is still bad. So, we are caged in this place. “I bring in materials here at an extra cost. If lorries or tippers carry materials to any other place with N10,000, they will do same for N20,000 here. And this has gone on for more than 10 years now.” Also, a Surgeon, Marie Christine, an Italian, one of the doctors attending to patients said: “I am a surgeon. I was born to help the people. I think there are so many unlucky people. I am lucky and I am here to help these people. “Since I started administering health services here, I discovered that many babies have malaria and we try our best to help them with treatment.” Also another medical expert, Isdore Eririogu, said: “This is normally an annual medical outreach by Opera Don Bonifacio Azione Verde. We have discovered that when people come and take their treatment, they go home and inform others.Hunger-ok “The prevalent ailments among the aging women that come for the free medical outreach are waist pain, headaches and diabetes. “While the prevalent ailments in the children are fever, headache, and catarrh and by the time we are through, the health condition of the people in this environment would have improved. “People appreciate what we are doing here because we give out quality drugs.” Some of the beneficiaries of the free medical outreach, by Opera Don Bonifacio Azione Verde, who spoke to South-East Voice said they were happy that they got quality medical services without passing through the stress of transporting themselves to the urban centres. One of the beneficiaries who introduced herself as Ijeoma, said: “I used to have a serious waist pain but since I came to this medical outreach, the pains have disappeared. I am happy because my children were part of the good thing that has come into this community. Others prayed that the government would provide electricity to the institution as well as construct quality roads to enable free flow of human and vehicular traffic.

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