My ex’s heartlessness has turned me into Mr. Nastr

Why are some women so nasty and ungrateful? I was engaged to a girl I thought was my soul mate. She was my childhood sweetheart and I thought we’d be together for life. I worshipped her and did extra work to buy her the things she wanted. After we got engaged, I went into business to earn more money because I wanted us to start building on the plot of land an uncle gave me. Maybe I was too much engrossed in the future as she was always complaining I was not much fun again. We were invited to a close friend’s stag night, but I was so busy I allowed her to go with her friends. As luck would have it, I finished earlier than I thought and went to join her at the party. She was obviously drunk by the time I got there and was dancing provocatively with a total stranger, who clamped his hands around her boobs! She was not protesting in the least and when she saw me, she simply carried on with what she was doing.

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I was so angry I yanked her off the floor but she refused to come home with me. When she showed up at the flat we shared the following morning, I was enraged, especially when she showed no remorse. We had a blazing row and she screamed at me that she’d been seeing other men since I was never around to give her a good time. She also said some horrible things about what a lousy lover I was until I went mad. I beat her up before throwing her and her things out in the street. Since that happened close to a year ago, I’ve had no shortage of girlfriends but as soon as they start to get serious, I push them away and try to hurt them like my ex hurt me. My last girlfriend caught me in bed with two adventurous undergraduates I picked up at a party and the look on her face made me realise I’d turned into a cad, and I don’t like it. I have just started seeing someone else and I know I’ll end up hurting her too. I want to be happy with someone but can’t forget my ex’s heartlessness. How can I stop being Mr. Nasty and move on with my life?

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