’m not scared of dying over making conscious musi

Afro-beat singer, Diwa Godfrey Muapa, aka ‘Fresh Fela’ who claims to have intentionally styled his brand of music after the late afro-beat maverick, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, has boasted that dying over making conscious music is not one of his problems at the moment. In a chat with Showtime, the daring singer who recently released a socio-politically motivated tune titled, ‘Wahala dey for naija’ explained his love for afro-beat and why he styled himself after Fela. “Afro-beat always tells the reality. Ever since Fela passed away, the youths have not gotten any reasonable message musically and they need a motivator. That’s why I’m trying to pass message to them with my afro-beat brand of music”, he said. He added that styling his brand after Fela was a conscious move. “Yes, it is a conscious thing. It didn’t just happen. That’s my main branch of music. I always write songs like Fela, I don’t freestyle. So, if I’m writing songs, I write a story that touches people’s lives.” Speaking on if he isn’t scared of ending up like African China, Eedris Abdulkareem and some others who once condemned the government with their music, he boasted that he is not worried or scared of government clamping down on him. “No, I am not worried. I know I will die one day so any way is a way. I believe that threats will only affect me and not my music. I believe that if I pass away or I give up in life my message will not give up”, he said.

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