Osinbajo has advanced restructuring

Professor Yemi Osinbajo has advanced the course of restructuring more than many advocates and public opinion leaders or any other person in and out of government since the country returned to democracy in 1999. Osinbajo A group, Global Economic Policy Initiative, GEPIn, said this in a statement, noting that many politicians and sundry groups have only been paying lip service to the issue of restructuring. GEPIn argued that Vice President Osinbajo’s long-running commitment to key elements of restructuring, including fiscal federalism and devolution of powers, while in and out of government, is unrivalled. In the statement, the group’s Chairman, Bernard Okri, explained that it is mischievous to say the Vice President is not committed to restructuring, stressing that attempts to use his rejection of a geographical restructuring as a wholesale rejection of the ideas around the restructuring debate is petty. Okri said: “Chairing the National Economic Council, NEC, retreat Professor Osinbajo gave a directive for the commen-cement of implementation of a community policing programme and assesses progress made. “Recently, at the 91st NEC meeting he resolved to explore how the operations of the Police can be decentralised to improve the level of policing and security in the country. “The council also set up a committee of state governors and the Inspector-General of Police to ensure the decentralisation. “As Attorney-General in Lagos State between 1999 and 2007, Professor Osinbajo went to court no less than 10 times on issues of fiscal federalism.”https://olaworld.blog/2018/09/07/osinbajo-has-advanced-restructuring

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