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How I used witchcraft to win elections, lure women to bed

Lawrence Kilabo, who was the Sokoni Ward Member of the County Assembly from 2013 to 2017, exposed diabolical details of his quest for political power in the clip uploaded to popular Nigerian channel ‘Emmanuel TV’. The politician revealed that he squandered KSh 50 million (approx. $500,000) on Tanzanian witchdoctors in his pursuit to win the parliamentary seat in Kilifi North, although his ambitions were thwarted as he lost the election. Kilabo further revealed that he used witchcraft to lure women to bed, admitting that he would sleep with over 10 women daily when he worked as a tour guide before entering politics. “I have over 20 children with more than 10 different women,”he stated during his confession at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN), where Kilabo sought ‘deliverance’ from his demonic entanglements. kilabo.jpeg“The wicked seem to prosper now and live without a care but they will spend eternity in terror and despair,” the clip’s description quotes Pastor T.B. Joshua as saying, in response to Kilabo’s sordid revelations. Kenyan’s commented in their droves on the video, most condemning the East African nation’s political elite for their alleged involvement in witchcraft. “Really, the Kenyan government needs to run to God because most of them use the power of darkness to win elections,” opined Margy Nyarks. T.B. Joshua’s church is known for attracting prominent members of Africa’s political elite and is regarded as the most popular religious tourist destination in West Africa.

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