Silver screens reuniting movie stars with their fans

’Dinner with Stars’, aimed at encouraging young adults and growing entrepreneurs who view celebrities as inaccessible and unreachable to mentor, and help guide them in their chosen paths hit the silver screens last week. An interactive TV show, ‘Dinner with Stars’ features a celebrity guest of the day and a fan, who is selected to wine and dine with them. The platform gives young adults the opportunity to learn firsthand from their favorite celebrities in any career field and profession. The Executive producer of the show, Mr. Tolu Okoro said that; “ The Nigerian society is one in which many young people are filled with ideas but lack the right skill to mold those ideas into successful realities. Dinner with Stars gives such young and creative individuals the opportunity to get walked through by a celebrity who has gone through the walks of life in a particular field. This in turn reduces mediocrity, and puts the Nigerian society a step further in its entrepreneurial and business goals.” The show focuses on the success stories of celebrities and in turn rubs off on the self-empowerment and self-development of the Nigerian youths to strive towards success and reaching her goal.star3 “ Dinner with Stars” brings these celebrities to a “Day Dinner meeting” with any youth who is picked to feature in any episode. Featuring some celebrities like the founder of Nairabet, Akin Alabi, Nollywood’s actor, Kunle Remi, Dj Jimmy Jatt among others , the show has since been airing on the you tube platform. Each episode features a guest who is thriving in their career filed and a fan that has an interest for such career path.https://olaworld.blog/2018/09/08/silver-screens-reuniting-movie-stars-with-their-fans

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