FG appoints Aidgwe Director General NIPRID

A NEW Director General/CEO in the person of Dr. Obi Peter Adigwe has been appointed for the National Institute for Pharmaceutical Research and Development (NIPRD), Abuja. Information gathered by Vanguard revealed that Adigwe’s approval by the Presidency followed his emergence as top scorer in a merit driven rigorous and comprehensive interview process, which had in attendance, some of the best candidates in Nigerian Pharmaceutical Research and Development. Prior to his appointment as DG NIPRD, Dr Adigwe was Executive Secretary of the Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Group (PMGMAN), where he played a key role in the development and implementation of policy initiatives which made considerable impact on the Industry. Among his achievements in PMGMAN include the prioritisation of the Pharma Industry in the 2016 Fiscal Policy, and organisation of the landmark 2017 Pharma Expo. He also made significant contributions to the conceptualization of the internationally renowned Medicines’ Security Concept. Adigwe pioneer Head of the Health Policy Research and Development (HPRD) Unit at the Nigerian National Assembly, where he formulated research and development strategies in Health Policy as well as developed innovative and contextual training, research and capacity building modules. He has a significant number of peer reviewed publications including the first K.A.P. study on Ebola in Nigeria, as well as a seminal paper on Rational Use of Medicines. While in the United Kingdom, he had also co-authored a write-up that influenced an epoch-making health policy reform in the British Parliament. Adigwe has undertaken many National assignments, headed, as well as served on numerous committees and working groups at the highest levels, such as the D8, UN, World Health Organisation, The African Union and the ECOWAS. He has won several academic honours including the prestigious University of Leeds’ GRASS Post-Doctorate award. His appointment takes effect immediately.
Prioritise local pharma sector, PMGMAN tasks FG as C.E.O of NIPRID

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