Our goal is to eliminate cervical cancer in Nigeria

Minister of Health, Prof. Isaac Adewole has said that his ministry would procure mobile solution treatment machines and distribute to 774 local government councils across the country as part of measure to eliminate cervical cancer in Nigeria even as he said that Federal tertiary hospital will be equipped with the bigger size of the machines. The Minister who disclosed this during at interactive section with General Manager, WISAP Medical Technology, Stephan Hilgers, said the procurement would be in batches, the Ministry would purchase some this year while the rest would be purchased in 2019. Health Minister, Prof. Isaac Adewole “What we want is at least one per local government, that is 774, if we make it 1000 is appropriate because we need to scale it up. We would look at our budget, in 2018 we can buy some and then we buy the remaining in 2019” Adewole said. He said the Ministry would work in partnership with WISAP Medical Technology to train the staff that would handle the machines. Earlier, the General Manager, WISAP Medical Technology Stephan Hilgers demonstrated to the officers of the Federal Ministry of Health how the Machine works. He said the machine was very effective in the treatment of cervical cancer. It is mobile and uses reachable battery that could be more useful in rural areas.

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