Media entrepreneur buys Bentley Mulsanne worth N108M for son

Linda Ikeji just got for her son a gift that will for a long time be the talk of town.Even though he is barely a week old, his mother, Linda Ikeji has gotten for Bentley Mulsanne worth N108M for him.
You might want to read that and ponder for a second. Lol! Well, guys, Linda Ikeji has gotten a new car for her son which is worth $310, 395 (N108M) and her sisters are super excited about it. Sandra Ikeji, Linda’s younger sister took to her Instagram page on Thursday, September 20, 2018, where she posted photos of the really cute and expensive car.She went on to caption another photo with a quote stating that the car was a gift from Linda to her son.Push gift from Linda to Linda, Baby J, you are blessed,” she wrote. Now guys, did your parents mention the special gift they got for you after your birth? It’s obvious Linda Ikeji is going to spoiling her son with a lot of gifts.
This week has indeed been a good one for Linda Ikeji from giving birth to her son to celebrating her 38th birthday.Linda Ikeji has for the first time shared a really close up photo of her adorable son. The media entrepreneur took to her Instagram page on Monday, September 17, 2018, where she posted a photo of her adorable son.
She went on to caption the photo with an obviously emotional quote. We can’t get over this adorable photo of Linda’s son and we know we will be seeing a lot more in the coming dayslinda-ikeji.jpgzcx.png

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